Property Services

No gimmicks property maintenance services:

Wooden Flooring
Stairs Fitted
Demolition Work
Painting and Decorating
Small Building Work
Home Improvements
Trees Felled
Gutters Cleared / Replaced
Windows Fitted
French Doors Fitted
Extractor Fans Installed
Roof Repairs – Roofers
Pointing Paving / Slabbing
Garden Walls Decking
Garden Taps Installed – Plumbers Jet Washing
Insurance Work


Property Management

Hyper Services Limited manage residential and commercial properties of various classes. The range of professional services we provide under property management comprise of all aspects of routine day to day, month to month and year to year services. Includes:

  • Introduction of vacant apartments to the notable organizations, companies and responsible tenants,
  • Finding a tenant, negotiating an acceptable rent and obtaining financial references.
  • Collection of rentals and remittance of same to landlord
  • Arranging the preparation of tenancy agreements acceptable to both parties.
  • Audit and taking of inventories before effective occupation of apartments for record purposes.
  • Handling over keys to the tenants after due diligent has been done.
  • Demanding and obtaining rents on or before due dates, preparing statements of accounts and remitting funds to the landlord as agreed.
  • Reviewing of rentals as at when necessary depending on the state of the property market.
  • Upon receipt of a notice to terminate the tenancy, dealing with practical arrangements including arranging for audits of the inventory, transferring the utilities into the Landlord’s name, where possible, and collecting the keys.
  • Refunding the balance of the Deposit to the Tenant less any agreed charges for repairs, replacements and cleaning.
  • Listening to complaints from tenants and making immediate arrangements with the landlord to ensure that genuine complaints are promptly attended to.
  • Ensuring the adequacy and prompt payment of municipal charges like tenement, water rates, and electricity bills.