Other Services

Other Business Services offered by Hyper Services

It is very clear to our customers that we are not just like another service company. Hyper services is committed to going that extra mile, and that is why our job is done right to make you the customers very satisfied every time.

Domestic Services

Hyper Services can help you with Cleaning and hygiene services on Carpets, Rugs, Windows, Upholstery, and Floors also all different facilities including Toilets, Offices, Schools, factories and Warehouses.

Hygiene Services

We provide services that help in the maintenance of our client’s environments, making it clean and tidy and to improve the overall general ambience.

Janitor & Janitorial Services

We specialise in providing janitorial services including personnel, equipments and cleaning products, cleaning chemicals, cleaning equipment, Janitorial products including mops, buckets, cloths, dustbin liners, brushes, floor maintenance, disinfectants, hard surface cleaners/strippers etc. Vacuums, cleaning machines, carpet cleaners, glass and mirror cleaners etc.

Lock Up And Open Up Services

Hyper Services can supply you with scheduled Lock Up and Open up Service for your offices, Factories, Schools, public infrastructures e.t.c time management is one of our specialities. ‘You don’t have to be troubled about your place being unsecured because we have the right personnel to foster security’.

Caretaker & janitorial staff, cover for Schools & Public Institutions

Hyper Services will supply caretakers to both large and small facilities such as schools, multi-occupation properties. Our Caretakers deals with Cleaning, Security, Minor Repairs and Redecoration, etc. whilst on site and take good care of your property and ensure that all work on site are completed on time and successfully.

Permanent & Temporary staff cover

Hyper services will supply you with staff that can cover for your business if one of your staff has left or they are off sick. We can supply permanent staff or temporary staff to make up for your staff shortages and cover scheduled works and shifts. At short notice we can supply personnel to your specific requirements. We are linked with major high street agencies to provide you with appropriate staffs for you unique requirements.

Procurement Services

Hyper Services specialises in the procurement of equipment and materials for all our clients’ business requirements inclusive of hire, leasing, storage and logistics.

Errands & Delivery Service Team

Hyper Services will supply you with a 24 hour mobile call out service for errands and urgent services such as emergency cleaning, clearance, sanitation, protection and void property control. Our highly trained and experienced operatives and drivers are available 24 hours/7 days a week.